RZR x Grand Archive Alchemical Revolution Starter Deck Event

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Saturday, February 24th
1pm-4pm PST

40 player cap
Cost: $20 + shipping
3 Rounds, 1 hr each


- this event will take place in the Rogue's Gallery community Discord. Players are expected to have a webcam and mic setup to play against opponents. We are NOT using digital clients.

- each player will have to provide their own Alchemical Starter Deck, unmodified

- each player is expected to know the basics on how to play but assisting new players with the rules is heavily encouraged. This is a non-competitive and fun event!

1x ALC Silver Event Pack
1x Automoton Drone Token (Hanh Chu Art)
1x Automoton Drone Token (Luky Yuki Art)

Additional Raffle Prizes (you must play ALL 3 rounds to be eligible):
15x ALC Gold Event Packs
2x Granblue Fantasy Holiday Sleeves
5x RZR/Hanh Chu playmats

The Witch of Waters

The Viper Strikes!

Happy Holidays Restock!

Summertime Etoile Restock!

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Kicking it off with several playmats, we hope to expand to other awesome merch such as card sleeves and apparel!

No matter what game you play or collect, we want to offer something for you! 

Flesh and Blood, Grand Archive, Shadowverse Evolve, Sorcery: Contested Realm, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Cardfight! Vanguard, Weiss Schwartz, Yu-Gi-Oh, Wixoss, Force of Will - ALL are welcome in the Rogue's Gallery!

From one passionate card game player & collector to another, thank you!

~Kel / Red Zone Rogue