Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Signature Edition Official Red Zone Rogue Playmat

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Kadiko in the Realm of Mist - Signature Edition

Our 2nd and (likely) final Flesh and Blood mat of 2023 features gorgeous new art of a fan-favorite original RZR character drawn by her signature artist: Silvia Meiliani! That's right, the artist of Kadiko's Library returns to paint Kadiko venturing into the Realm of Mist, Misteria!


Note: This is the 1st Print of this mat and is the signature version - featuring an exclusive digital signature from Silvia Meiliani. With the mats from the Good Deeds Bundle there will only be 52 total (25 available in this listing). 2nd Print runs WILL NOT have the signature - this is a fun bonus for early supporters! This note will be deleted once the 2nd printing happens ❤️

Art by: Silvia Meiliani