RZR Grand Archive TCG Alter Edition Starter Deck Event!

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Welcome to the FIRST EVER Red Zone Rogue online event - The RZR Grand Archive Alter Starter Deck Event!

The purpose of this event
is to have new and interested players play fun games of Grand Archive in a friendly and casual setting. It has OFFICIAL GRAND ARCHIVE PRIZE SUPPORT

Many of these players will likely be playing for the first time. This is a casual event meant to bring new players into the game. As such we will NOT be doing competitive prizing. EVERYONE who plays all 3 rounds will get something - everyone who plays all 3 rounds will ALSO be eligible for a random drawing at the end for some Gold Event packs, Merlin Deck boxes and the last RZR/Hanh Chu Grand Adventure Signature playmat! Read below for the full details.


Saturday, May 27th
1pm-4pm PST

40 player cap
Cost: $15 + shipping
3 Rounds, 1 hr each

- this event will take place in the Rogue's Gallery community Discord. Players are expected to have a webcam and mic setup to play against opponents. We are NOT using digital clients.

- each player will have to provide their own Alter Edition Starter Deck, unmodified

- each player is expected to know the basics on how to play but assisting new players with the rules is heavily encouraged. This is a non-competitive and fun event!


DOA Alter Edition Boosters
Dawn of Ashes Silver Event Packs
Dawn of Ashes Gold Event Packs
2x Merlin Deck Boxes
1x RZR/Hanh Chu Grand Adventure Signature Playmat

- EACH player who completes all 3 rounds gets 1 Alter pack and 1 silver pack

- ALL (16) gold packs, (2) Merlin deck boxes and (1) RZR/Hanh Chu playmat will be randomly chosen from all participants who played all 3 rounds (19 total winners)

Bottom Line:
if you sign up and play ALL 3 rounds you will 100% walk away with AT LEAST 1 DOA Alter Edition Booster pack and 1 DOA Silver Event Pack. You will also have the CHANCE to win more!