10k Celebration Mat! - Official Red Zone Rogue Playmat

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RED ZONE ROGUE has become the first Flesh and Blood channel to grow into 10,000 subscribers and to hit 1,000,000 views on YouTube! To celebrate this milestone I wanted to do something special for fans of the channel - so I reached out to one of my absolute favorite Flesh and Blood artists, Bima with an idea that culminated in this playmat! 

THE FIRST 20 OF EACH TYPE (ZONES OR NO ZONES) WILL COME WITH A SIGNATURE - ONE PER CUSTOMER (IE if one person buys 10 mats they will only get 1 with a signature - I want everyone to have a shot 🤘)! NO ZONES SIGNED VERSIONS STILL AVAILABLE! I will NOT be doing any other signatures for these mats afterwards...unless you can find me in the flesh and blood 😉 

Comes with either Flesh and Blood TCG zones or no zones!

Art by: Bima aka Bimawithpencil