Villon, Red Zone Assassin 15k Celebration Signature Edition - Official Red Zone Rogue Premium Stitched Playmat

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Soon, the streets of the Pits will run red. The Demon has returned and with her the fear of certain death. Once the contract has been made there is no escaping Villon, the Red Zone Assassin. 👹

With great pride I present to the Rogue's Gallery - Villon, Red Zone Assassin

This is the very first appearance of our 3rd official RZR character, Villon, the notorious assassin. Both this art and Villon herself were designed by the fantastic Crovius (Flesh and Blood TCG).

😈In celebration of our 15000 subscriber milestone, the first print run (50 total) of Villon, Red Zone Assassin will feature a digital signature by the artist Crovius - all subsequent printings will not (and have an entirely different listing)☠️

Art by: Immanuela Crovius