The RZR Good Deeds Bundle *PREORDER* - Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Project

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The RZR Good Deeds Bundle

How's it going Rogue's Gallery? Today I'm incredibly stoked to introduce you to the very first bundle offering that I have devised - one that is designed to help fund a gorgeous new piece of RZR splash art, support one of my favorite artists and give you enough value and cool stuff to make it worth it: The RZR Good Deeds Bundle!

The Bundle:

25 Bundles Total - Limit 1 Per Person
1x Good Deeds Don't Go Unnoticed Flesh and Blood TCG Promo Card
1x Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Limited Signature Playmat w FAB zones (1 out of 50, features a digital signature from Silvia)
1x Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Dragon Shield Sleeves
1x Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Hero Card Exclusive to this bundle (a functional Flesh and Blood Illusionist Hero token)
1x Exclusive signed thank you Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Art Card (FOIL full art one side, blank back with handwritten signature on the other)
1x RZR Metal Token

NOTE: ALL items will ship once manufacturing is complete. This is a PREORDER to help fund the project! EST August.

25x of The Kadiko in the Realm of Mist Limited Signature Playmat will be available outside of this bundle for $40 each once production is done. Only 50 will be made total - after they sell out we will reprint them with NO signature. The Hero Card and Signed thank you ARE exclusive to this bundle.

The premise: 
Help fund our next Flesh and Blood style splash art and get some awesome exclusive stuff while doing so! I'll be working with one of my favorite Flesh and Blood artists - Silvia Meiliani - to once again create a gorgeous splash art featuring our first original character Kadiko! This time we find Kadiko adventuring abroad with her dragon companion - in the Realm of Mist, Misteria! To that end, the new splash art will simply be called: Kadiko in the Realm of Mist.

I had wanted to work with Silvia again ever since she first painted our Kadiko's Library splash art. The opportunity dawned on me when Legend Story Studios sent me the "Good Deeds Don't Go Unnoticed" promo cards. They were given to me to use in such a way as to support RZR - I couldn't think of a more perfect way to allow folks to support the channel, support one of my favorite artists and to receive some cool stuff all at the same time (Note: some of the promos have and will be given away for free). The proceeds from this bundle go DIRECTLY into paying for the art commission as well as the playmat, sleeve and card productions.

Please see the attached images of what you can expect from this new piece - all with the same top tier finished quality as our Kadiko's Library art. It's going to be ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I can't wait to see the final piece!

Cost breakdown
If all 25 of these bundles sell, we should have JUST ENOUGH to pay for the art and for all of the manufacturing costs of the playmat and sleeves. The margins are thin for me but it's not about walking away with a ton of money - it's about creating an awesome piece of art that I hope you'll love as much as I will. Note: I am paying Silvia no matter how well this bundle does. :)

Estimated total cost of art and production - $2450

Art by: Silvia Meiliani